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Meet your intelligent intake assistant.

LawSwitch powers chatbots that work within your website, and liaise with prospects and clients on your behalf 24/7; onboarding, coordinating, and generating enquiries that are sent straight to you.

Built for law firms.

LawSwitch is designed to handle the intricacies and nuances of engaging with legal clients and different areas of law. Each assistant can be designed to complement and support what a lawyer would do in their daily work.

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Who are we?

Tim Kirkman

Technical Co-Founder

Designer, architect, and visionary for Think Law Group's legal products. Tim is passionate about empowering law firms to reach their potential through use of technology.

Fiona Kirkman

Legal Co-Founder

As an Accredited Specialist and mediator in Family Law, Fiona is paving the way to craft reform for Family Law in Australia. Fiona brings the legal foundation to Think Law's products.

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